passport for ibiza

IBIZA PASSPORT passport for ibiza

What is Ibiza Passport?

It is the Ibiza Passport, the passport for ibiza which offers an exclusive membership that allows you to enjoy discounts on a wide range of tourist activities on the beautiful island of Ibiza. Our membership is designed to enable you to explore and experience the best of Ibiza without worrying about the costs.

What discounts will I have access to?

Ibiza Passport grants you access to discounts on activities including boat excursions, jet ski rentals, aerial photographers, and more. The offers are constantly changing. Additionally, our membership is easy to use and will allow you to save money on every tourist activity you wish to enjoy.

What sets us apart from the rest?

At Ibiza Passport, we take pride in offering a unique and thrilling experience that allows you to enjoy the best of the island. Our partners have already experienced the difference we make in their trips, so why not join them? Discover what it truly means to live Ibiza in a unique and exciting way. Join the Ibiza Passport community today and start enjoying the experience!

The best community.

Join the most exclusive community in Ibiza and discover what it truly means to make the most of the island! Passport for ibiza is much more than just a way to save money on tourist activities. We are an international community where you can connect with other passionate travelers and uncover everything that Ibiza has to offer.

What is the price of the passport?

The membership price is 25€ and it is valid for 1 year. With the membership, you will have access to all the discounts and promotions that are currently active, and most importantly, you will have your digital passport in your wallet for convenient bookings.

Where can I book the services?

On the IBIZA GUIDER website, you can view all the activities available with a discount. The bookings will be made directly with the service provider company.


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